Clare Perry Occupational Therapy Services

Clare Perry Occupational Therapy Services aims to educate, support and train clients to increase their independence with activities of daily living; work; safety and mobility through the following methods:

  • Providing a comprehensive initial assessment of the client current functional levels and a full home assessment

  • Educating each client to adopt new approaches to assist with personal care and domestic care tasks such as showering, dressing, vacuuming and gardening.

  • Teaching clients how to access their independently and community safely

  • Increasing client safety around the home

  • Making appropriate equipment recommendations such as scooters beds or chairs

  • Identify and make home modification recommendations such as steps, ramps or rails

  • Educating clients about safe community access strategies

  • Providing problem solving strategies to daily living difficulties

  • Follow-up to ensure client has achieved a greater level of functional independence and improved quality of lifestyle

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Benefit and Support Services Assessments (BASSA)
    Bassa Occupational Therapist have skills and experience in conducting assessments and making recommendations that assist WorkSafe and TAC Agents to make decisions about level of help and support an injured worker may require.

  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
    Home assessments provider details of the level of support a client may require in relation to their injury or illness to maximise their independence in the home. Services are provided for WorkSafe, TAC and DVA clients as well as self funded clients

  • Equipment and Aids Prescription
    As an occupational therapists Clare Perry is highly trained in assessing and identifying the most suitable form of aid or equipment to allow clients to maximise their safety, comfort and independence at home and in the community

  • Falls Prevention
    Falls are a major cause of injury for older people, accounting for 56% of hospital admissions for people who are 75 years of age and older. Falls are the cause of over one-third of all deaths related to injury among people aged 55 years and over. Almost half of all falls occur at home. Significant research confirms the cost effectiveness of implementing prevention strategies in the falls risk area for people over 65 years of age and living in their own homes.

  • Ergonomic Training
    Thousands of office employees are injured at work every year across Australia. Although the office seems a safe environment there are many hazards that are left hidden causing long lasting injuries. This training session covers the principles of correct posture, workstation adjustments, lifting correctly and stretches to minimise fatigue.

  • Manual Handling Training
    This training session is appropriately adapted to meet the manual handling needs of individual workplaces. It specifically looks at how the back works, the lifting hazards, designing the task to reduce the risks, the correct lifting technique and strengthening exercises.

  • Job Analysis and Modification
    With 9 years of experience in the WorkSafe system appropriate job design can mean the difference of a worker returning to work with an injury or remaining off work. Assisting employers and employees identify barriers for returning to work can assist in easily resolving the issues and allow an employee return to work safely without risk of further aggravating his injury.

  • Medico Legal Reports
    With many years of experience in assessing and writing reports for Medico Legal Cases Clare Perry has a strong understanding of the details required for such reports so that accurate decisions can be made about liability for services.

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